Kim McDougall Author

Meet the Characters - Valkyrie Bestiary Series

The the Valkyrie Bestiary Series world, Kyra Green is half Valkyrie and half Dryad pest controller who specializes in wrangling class three fae creatures. She lives in Montreal Ward in the year 2080, fifty years after a devastating war broke countries, killed billions and severed the ley-lines to bring magic rushing back into the world. She lives in Sayntanne on the west end of the Montreal island which is protected from the wastelands (known as the Inbetween) by a heavy-duty magical ward. Now meet the quirky cast of characters that populate Kyra's world.

Kyra - Fae Pest Controller

Kyra built Valkyrie Pest Control from scratch. She not afraid to get her hands dirty or to expend some magic when necessary, but she’s (mostly) a pacifist, to her bloodthirsty sword’s eternal despair. Kyra like long walks in creepy forests and cleaning vampire slug slime off her sword.

Ollie - The Abandoned Baby Dragon

What would you do if you found a baby dragon who couldn’t fly? Ollie is so cute, it hurts. He’s also a sort of Maltese Falcon as he becomes a catalyst for a sweeping adventure. Ollie likes belly rubs and flying lessons with Angus.

Jacoby - The Fire Dervish

If a gnome and a poodle fell in love, Jacoby would be their love-child. Two feet of pure energy, Jacoby is intensely loyal to Kyra-lady. Jacoby likes spinning like a top and bags of wind. Introduced in Book 1, Jacoby won my heart and became the star of book 2, Dervishes Don’t Dance, where he becomes Kyra’s apprentice as they wrangle brownies, grubbers, bodachs and more. 

Gita - The Banshee Roommate

Having a banshee as a roommate might not seem like the best idea. The wailing alone is a big drawback. But, despite her weepy eyes and penchant for forecasting doom and gloom, Gita always has Kyra’s back. Gita likes reading old paperbacks by the light of her cellphone and predicting gruesome deaths.

Mason - Captain of the Guardians

Part-time gargoyle and full-time pain in Kyra’s ass, Mason is the head of a group of vigilantes in Montreal. He’s as protective of his brother Guardians as he is of his stone heart. Mason likes brooding as he watches the sunrise and fine French wines.

Angus - The Green Man Gargoyle

Angus was sculpted during the Renaissance and brought to life with lost magic. He’s been around so long, he’s not sure what his mother tongue is. Angus likes a good metaphor and a wee dram of whisky on cold nights.

Hunter - The Pygmy Kraken

Don’t call him an octopus! Hunter likes popping out of unexpected places and protecting his savior, Kyra. This sassy cephalopod was such a fan favorite, he got his own prequel novelette. Three Half Goats Gruff is the origin story about the night Kyra finds Hunter lost and alone—the same night she meets a certain dark, broody Guardian. 

Errol - The Bodach

Errol is a bodach with unique communication skills. He might look small, but his magic packs a wallop. Errol is a bit of a radical who rarely misses the evening news. He likes strong tea and a warm bed beside his bonsai tree.